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Dear network partner or guest,


click on the Presentations button at to read the latest news from our Webinar series. There you will find information about coming open Webinars and you can access the recordings from earlier Webinars. In case that you yourself are working with some interesting project having to do with teaching in virtual worlds, teaching models or any other related area, please, contact Hanna Outakoski for a possibility to present in our Webinar series.

The presentations should be between 15-20 minutes long and after the presentation there is time for questions from the audience. Feel free to circulate this information in your personal and proffessional networks.


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Euroversity network partners contributed a symposium to the Slanguages 2014 conference

A team of Euroversity network partners contributed a symposium to the Slanguages 2014 conference.

The following topics were covered by the panelists: euroversitySL1 001 

Gary Motteram (UK):
Sharing Knowledge & Experiences: Methods applied.  

Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart (AT):
Activities in SecondLife for teaching German culture and history

David Richardson (SE):
Using the Framework to create new courses

Christel Schneider (DE):
Experiences in using Framework. Producing machinima

Stella Hadjistassou (CY):
Evaluation methods / instruments. Challenges + interim data

Ton Koenraad (NL):
Project aims and conclusion: What’s next? Sustainability, Exploitation


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Euroversity with Talkacademy: dissemination event

On 25th January 2013 Euroversity Network in collaboration with Talkademy held a workshop from 1.30 PM to 3 PM on Arcadia in Open Sim.

30 participants were counted. They were able to get in touch with the reality of avatars in the reality of the virtual world: chatting, exploring, getting know each other. Not every participant had is own avatar though. The same avatar was indeed used for multiple users.

At the end of the workshop the participants joined the Euroversity group and they were given the Euroversity Powerpoint slides as texture.

For more information, contact us or Talkademy



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