EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference 2013

Banniere ConferenceThe aim of EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference 2013 "Rethinking Learning: Transversal competences in the spotlight" is to create a debate around the concept and role of transversal competences in the framework of the European strategy on "Rethinking

Education". ICC will present the Euroversity project in the "WS3: Digital competences: enhancing inclusion" session.

Ellinor Haase, "EUROVERSITY" – learning in virtual worlds & "Chinese for Europeans", Project Manager, International Language Association (ICC). For more info on the conference click here.

Euroversity newsletter spring 2013


HERE you can download the Euroversity newsletter for spring 2013.

eEducation Sommertagung

headerTalkademy will share the most recent updates about the EUROVERSITY project during the eEducation summer event from 26th August to 28th August 2013 in Klagenfurt.

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