Why Second Life and How to combine it with virtual classrooms

Date and time for this Webinar was Wednesday 12th of February at 12.00 CET

Title: Why Second Life?

by David Richardson

David Richardson teaches English at Linnaeus University in south-eastern Sweden, and Second Life is one of the environments he works in. He's been running the Business Talking course on Kamimo Island in Second Life each term since Spring 2008. The course is all about developing skills in speaking English in a variety of business contexts, from formal presentations to negotiations and successful students earn 3 European Credits. David has been teaching English in a number of different places on the globe (IRL) for over 30 years and is currently experimenting with different ways of using ICT to enhance learning on-line. In this talk Richardson illustrates the benefits and added value of using the virtual world of Second Life on university courses.

ACCESS THE RECORDING AT https://connect.sunet.se/p8cy2f3xi41/

Title: Combining SL and Adobe Connect in teaching languages

by Hanna Outakoski


Using virtual worlds in language teaching can turn out to be a tricky puzzle to solve if the possibilities for the students to access virtual worlds are limited. This might be due to the lack of hardware or software, or depend on the fact that most of the activities on a course are designed to be asynchronous. On the North Sami beginner courses we have therefore been experimenting with combinations of learning environments and specifically the combination of Adobe Connect and Second Life. This talk will give some practical examples of how to use virtual worlds such as Second Life on a language course in combination with Adobe Connect. The examples given in this talk concern grammatical illustrations and oral communication in cooperative language tasks.


Hanna Outakoski is junior lecturer in North Sami at UmeƄ University in Northern Sweden. She has been teaching North Sami since 2001 and has been giving courses in Second Life and Adobe Connect since 2008.

ACCESS THE RECORDING AT https://connect.sunet.se/p82b8lyj42o/

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