Creating Machinima for language Learning

Date and time for this presentation was Wednesday 5th of March at 12.00 CET



Title: Creating Machinima for Language Learning

Creating and filming their own scenarios encourage learners to fully engage in the learning process by collaborating and interacting, while practicing their language skills as well as their interpersonal skills. Machinima are very powerful in giving students the opportunity to keep evidence of their creations or activities, for example: reporting about a place visited in virtual worlds, giving a presentation, describing pictures or events, setting up an exhibition, building something [ a wall, a bike etc.] giving or taking interviews, telling a story etc.  They help learners and facilitators to analyse a session, revisit specific elements in a session and are an excellent source for reflection, error correction and language revision.

by Christel Schneider, Managing Director of CsiTrain

Christel Schneider is founder and managing director of CSiTrain, a company founded in January 2013. From 2006 until 2012 EU project manager and  director of the international language association ICC. Prior to this head of the language department for the German adult education association in Schleswig Holstein and lecturer at the University of Hamburg (Dept. of Education) teaching didactics and methodology. Presently doing an MA in Virtual Education at the University of Western England.

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