Project Sloodle and Communication training in Virtual Pharmacy


Title: Combining Opensimulator and Moodle ; project Sloodle

On the usability of Sloodle (Moodle for Opensim) in a course involging students in an e-learning situation.


By David Gauckler, Deputy Director chez Université de Strasbourg and Michel Nachez who is a member of the « Cultures et sociétés en Europe » laboratory, CNRS associate research unit (UMR 7236), University of Strasbourg.

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Date: 4th June 2014

Communication training in a virtual pharmacy

In this session Hans-Erik Sjöström will talk about a project that was carried out at the University of Umeå to examine how communication training for pharmacy students can be developed and implemented in three dimensional virtual worlds such as Second Life and Opensim. Immersive virtual worlds can be used in higher education in a range of disciplinary contexts and for a variety of educational purposes. This project has focused on communication training for students studying on an online distance programme: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at Umeå University, Sweden. The main purpose of the project was to examine how communication training can be designed and implemented in virtual worlds.


Hans-Erik Sjöström is an educational developer at the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Umeå University with long experience in technologies and tools for distance education.


You will find the recording from this interesting session at

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