EUROCALL 2013, Euroversity Network showcase proposal

At the Eurocall conference 2013 (11th to 14th September) the Euroversity Network was presented. The showcase was of interested in particular to teachers, CALL researchers, course developers and material designers, teacher trainers and educationalists. During the presentation guidelines of the Euroversity Network were made available to newcomers. The guidelines can help newcomers to virtual worlds orient themselves within some of the main educational, technical and institutional issues that arise when one chooses to work with virtual worlds and reality. The presentation was focused on the following main themes: access and virtual presence, archiving of resources, the role of machinima (virtual world films and filmmaking), course and materials design and teacher training.

EUROVERSITY Network at the International Conference of new perspectives in science education 2012

At the International Conference of new perspective in science education that took place in Florence on 8th to 9th March 2012, the Euroversity Network presented the Euroversity project explaining in particular the added value that virtual worlds provide to education. Also examples of other projects based on virtual world education (i.e. Talete and Avatar project) were brought to the attention of the presents.


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